Before you start your construction or renovation project, you must create a plan first.

In that plan, you should not only focus on materials you need, contractors to hire, and the design you want to project. You must also ensure that you include waste cleanup and disposal as well. After all, your project will definitely generate lots of trash, debris, and junk, and you cannot rely on the garbage collectors to deal with those heaps of waste.

We here at Utah Dumpster Rentals are ready to take care of that waste with our rental dumpsters. You can choose between the four different dumpster sizes we have to accommodate the amount of waste you will need to process.

Once you fill up our dumpsters, we can pick them up and take them to landfills and recycling centers. You do not need to worry about permits and legalities concerning your waste’s disposal — we will get that weight off your shoulders.

When you settle on the start date of your renovation or construction project, give us a call to assess and schedule the delivery and pickup date of your dumpster. If you do not know which size you need, do not hesitate to ask us. It will be our pleasure to assist you with that.

Why Choose Us

Our dumpster rental company is primarily beloved by our residential and commercial customers because of our high standards when it comes to customer service. Here are our promises to you.

  • We will respond quickly to your call. We guarantee that someone will be with you moments after you dial our number.
  • We will deliver and pick up the dumpster on time. We know that no one wants a huge stinking pile of trash sitting around their property.
  • We will provide clean dumpsters. Before we deliver your rental dumpster to you, we will clean them thoroughly and ensure that they do not smell.
  • Our dumpsters will fit right in your yard or driveway. The closer the dumpster is in your home, the easier it is for you to dump your junk in it.
  • Our employees will be always presentable. Dealing with waste disposal will never be an excuse to let you face and deal with smelly and dirty drivers and loaders.
  • Finally, we do not have hidden fees or complicated pricing schemes. Everything is included in a single bill, and we are upfront when it comes to prices.

We always make sure that waste disposal will be of no concern to you to let you focus on your construction or renovation project.

Locations We Serve

We mainly serve residential and commercial customers in Northern Utah.

  • SLC Area: Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray
  • West Utah County: Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Lehi
  • East Utah County: Highland, Pleasant Grove. American Fork
  • Utah County Area: Springville, Orem, Provo
  • South County: Nephi, Santaquin, Spanish Fork
  • Northern Utah: Bountiful, Layton, Ogden
  • Wasatch/Summit: Heber City, Park City


There are many scenarios wherein you will need to rent a dumpster from us. Primarily, you need our service if you are going to deal with huge amounts of garbage. After all, you do not want to deal with the legalities and permits associated with large disposals.

Besides providing you with the dumpster, we will also take care of the required processes and handle the waste you dump on our rental garbage containers.

To get a better picture, here are some common scenarios where our customers request our service:

Dealing With Materials the Garbage Collectors Will Reject

Regular garbage collectors are only limited to typical waste that households and commercial establishments generate. And if they refuse the waste you have, you will not want to load it in your vehicle to deliver it to the nearest landfill.

In most cases, our dumpsters may be too big for the waste you have, and renting a huge garbage container for a few pounds of items would not be practical. We typically recommend that you talk to your neighbors. You can pool your funds and dispose of all your waste at once.

Storm, Fire, and Disaster Cleanup

Garbage collectors may help you out with collecting the waste, junk, and debris left by the storm, fire, or any disaster that happened. However, they may take some time to clear everything up since they may have limited capacity or only pick up garbage on specific days.

Construction and Renovation Jobs

Construction and renovation projects produce a lot of unusable brick, concrete, and all assortments of debris. To enjoy your new room, redesigned kitchen, or landscaped yard, it is a must that you get rid of all garbage on your property.

Moving and Spring Cleaning

It is inevitable that you will find a lot of junk when you start spring cleaning or moving. Having a small 5-yard dumpster is ideal to have to get your trash taken away pronto.

Dumpster Sizes

To determine the size of the dumpster you will need, you need to gauge the amount, type, and total weight of the waste you will generate. You can talk to your contractor about it, or you can call us to help you choose what size of dumpster you need.

If you already have a ballpark figure of the amount of garbage you will need to dump, you can choose one of the three sizes available.

10-Yard Dumpster

Our 10-yard dumpster is ideal for room, kitchen, and basement renovation and construction projects. It has a dimension of 12’ x 8’ x 4’ and can hold a ton.

Most of our customers select this size as it can handle the following:

  • Renovation and construction debris
  • Demolished heavy countertops
  • Leftover drywall and scraps
  • Tree branches, trimmings, and trunks
  • Roofing shingles, insulation materials, and wood planks

15-Yard Dumpster

Our 15-yard dumpster is ideal for disposing of huge pieces of furniture, appliances, and debris. It has a dimension of 12’ x 8’ x 5.5’ and can hold up to two tons of garbage. This site is mostly used in small construction sites and disaster cleanup.

It can handle the following:

  • Demolished and discarded countertops, furniture, and appliance
  • Huge debris and slabs
  • Broken trees and poles
  • Fire and construction debris

20-Yard Dumpster

Our 20-yard dumpster is ideal for house and commercial space remodeling, building, and flipping projects. Note that this has a dimension of 12’ x 8’ x 7’, and anything bigger than this will be challenging to place on a driveway or yard.

It can hold more than two tons of garbage, and our customers rent it for medium-sized construction projects. It can handle:

  • Construction, remodeling, and renovation waste
  • Large pieces of furniture and appliances
  • Walling, ceiling, and flooring panels

How to Get Your Rental Dumpster

Contact Us and Learn More About the Service

You can reach out to order your rental dumpster. Speak with one of our team members, and they will assist with the technicalities of renting a dumpster bin.

Choose the Size of Your Rental Dumpster Bin

During the call, you can specify the dumpster bin size yourself or ask us which is the best size for your situation.

Schedule Your Order

Once everything is set, you will tell us the date and time when you need your dumpster. We will deliver it on time, so ensure that your driveway, yard, or the place you want the dumpster to be placed is unobstructed.

Request Dumpster Pick Up

When you are done using our dumpster, call us. We will pick up the dumpster and dispose of its contents.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

Utah Dumpster Rentals guarantees that renting a dumpster from us will be a smooth experience for you. We always make sure that every size is always available, and we promise you that it will arrive on time. We even deliver the same day you order and on Saturdays as well.

We use care whenever we place our bins on our customer’s yard or driveway. Aside from that, you would not need to worry about legalities and permits since we will take care of it on your behalf. Once you fill your dumpster, we will pick it up and deliver it to the nearest landfill or recycling center.

We are the best dumpster rental company in Northern Utah. You can rely on us when it comes to rental roll-off dumpsters. To get started and to schedule your rental dumpster, call us and ask for an estimate or use the form on this website to get your dumpster right away.