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Utah Dumpster Rentals – Salt Lake County, UT


Whether you are renovating your residential or commercial properties in Salt Lake City, you will need a dumpster.

We at Utah Dumpster Rentals are the most trusted Dumpster Rental Company in Salt Lake City, UT. We cater to any waste from renovation to cleaning projects.

Although you can rely on our City’s garbage collectors, especially in times of disaster cleanup, it may take some time. It is because they have limited capacity and, most often, have specific pickup days.

When you are in business or do not want the waste to mess up your beautiful landscape, you may call us to pick up your waste immediately.

We Guarantee Our Service

As mentioned, we are the number one dumpster provider in the city, and we live up to that. We guarantee that you will have a smooth experience with us.

Once you have scheduled your waste pickup with us, we stick to it and have a dumpster available on that day.

We also abide by the legalities and permits, so dumping your waste will not be an issue. You do not have to apply for permits; we will handle it for you.

How to Rent a Dumpster

Since we promise a smooth transaction, you only have to take a few simple steps.

Contact Us

Whether online or by phone, we are available. You can call us at 801-877-1752 or request your dumpster online.

Choose Your Dumpster Size

We have four different dumpster sizes ranging from a 5-yard to 20-yard dumpster. If you know the best size for your waste, you can quickly tell it to us or enter it on the online request form.

You can even ask us for our recommended dumpster size.

Schedule Your Request

Tell us the time and date when you need our dumpster. Do not worry, because we deliver it on time.

Request Pick Up

After you have filled the dumpster, you can call us, and we will be there right away.

We will pick up the dumpster and dispose of your waste to its designated recycling areas or landfills.

Call Us Now

Let us assist you. Give us a call, and we will gladly pick up your waste!