Find Answers to All Your Dumpster Rental Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions we get from customers and their respective answers. If you do not find the answers you’re looking for in this FAQ, give us a call.

We operate under At Your Disposal, LLC. We use the “Utah Dumpster Rentals” name for online marketing purposes. To learn more about us, click here!

You cannot put anything in the dumpster that could damage landfills or the dumpster itself. Also, we do not allow dumping hazardous chemicals that can harm our personnel. If you have specific items in mind, contact us. Alternatively, you can check our extensive list of the items we prohibit.

Ensure that everything is in the dumpster. You should not leave trash hanging or sticking out on the sides, and you should not overload the dumpster. Doing so will only delay pickup, and you will have to remove the excess waste.

Rental dumpsters are ideal for when you need to dump debris, junk, or waste when working on renovations, landscaping, construction, or demolition projects.

The size of the dumpster you need depends on the scale of your project. Typically, you need a 10-yard dumpster for yard waste removal, room cleanouts, and minor renovation projects. For small construction and renovation projects, we recommend you get the 20-yard dumpster. To know what you need exactly, you can call our customer service.

We lease our dumpsters for 7–14 days. If you need it longer, you can extend its rental period by paying a small daily fee. And in case you were unable to inform us and did not call for pick up, we will charge you extension fees.

Typically, we advise our customers to fill the current dumpster they have and call us to pick it up once it is full. Once our driver arrives, they will leave a replacement for the dumpster as it is more practical. However, to answer your question, yes — you have the option to rent multiple dumpsters if you need to.

We do not pick up rental dumpsters automatically. We will wait for your call or notification before we send someone to get the dumpster. Note that if you do not contact us after the rental period is over, we will charge you an extension fee. We do, however, pick up permanent service dumpsters on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis.

It depends. For commercial customers, you should call us. Our team can give you a recommendation based on your needs. After all, different businesses have different needs and waste production amounts.

We offer monthly, biweekly, and weekly pickups. If your dumpster gets full before the scheduled pickup date, you can call us and ask for a pickup. And during that call, you can request to change your pickup schedule to accommodate your needs better.

If you ordered a temporary rental dumpster, it would arrive within one to three business days. Permanent commercial dumpsters will come one to three business days after you sign a contract with us. It may take longer if you still have an existing contract with another waste removal company.